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If you have not paid your 2019 membership dues ($20), you lost your membership privileges on January 1! You can give it to the bartender or put it in SAL Mail Box. This is because of the PA Liquor Code!

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The Philadelphia VA Hospital has an “Adopt-a-Vet” program for the holidays, in which veterans and their families in need create a “Wish List”. Items consist of basic household needs, clothing, toys, etc. We will also donate basic need items to the VA Hospital.
We have already adopted several vets and are in the process of fulfilling their wishes. Please donate to help us adopt more veterans. Every dollar donated will go directly to veterans. NOT one dollar goes to administration cost.
Golf Outing 2019
Pig Roast
Pig Roast 2018
Pig Roast 2018
Pig Roast
Pig Roast 2018

Our Pig Roast was a big success! Over 100 people attended!